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40 Years of Caring: Strengthening Philadelphia’s Communities

Message from this year's Campaign Co-Chairs

Message from Randy Hayman, 2024 Co-Chair

Message from Stephanie Tipton, 2024 Co-Chair

Dear Friends & Colleagues:

We are honored to serve as Co-Chairs of the 2024 City of Philadelphia Employees’ Combined Campaign, which is celebrating its 40th Anniversary this year! Consisting of people who show up every day to serve their neighbors, the City of Philadelphia’s workforce is by nature a community that values giving back. We have all made the choice to work in an organization whose sole purpose is to help fellow residents, businesses, and visitors thrive. In big and small ways, we are all working every day to make Philly a better place.

This year’s 40th Anniversary theme, “40 Years of Caring: Strengthening Philadelphia’s Communities” highlights not only the enduring tenure of generosity of our employees, but also the vibrant and diverse communities and neighborhoods that make Philly one of a kind.

The Combined Campaign is a source of tremendous pride for the city — and it makes supporting work you believe in easy and stress free. When you decide to contribute, you can choose from hundreds of vetted charities and organizations that provide essential support to causes ranging from protecting local waterways to lending a hand to veterans.
These are organizations with a proven history of putting dollars to good use, a fact that gives real value to ongoing donations you can make directly from your paycheck. No gift is ever too small. Just a few dollars per paycheck can go a long way towards helping organizations fulfill their missions, and continue to provide crucial services. Small donations, just like small acts of kindness and love, create a ripple that makes a lasting difference. We hope that you will please take a moment this campaign season, find a cause you believe in, and help Philadelphia show its spirit with a sustained contribution.

Together we make a difference!

With gratitude,

Randy Hayman, Esq.
Department of Water Commissioner
Stephanie Tipton
Chief Administrative Officer
2024 Combined Campaign Co-Chairs