Frequently Asked Questions

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Campaign Basics

1. What is the Employee Giving Program?

We have teamed-up with America’s Charities to provide employees greater flexibility in deciding which charities to support throughout the year by means of payroll deduction and volunteering.

2. Who is America’s Charities?

America’s Charities, a nonprofit that inspires employees and organizations to support causes they care about, is our employee giving partner, acting as the funds management agent, as well as providing general campaign support and distributing employee contributions to the charities selected by employees during the campaign enrollment.

Campaign Participation

3. When does the campaign launch?

The Campaign launches October 26th and will end February 16th. The Campaign is open to any eligible employee to make a donation to the charitable organization listed in one of two ways: (1)  recurring payroll deduction in 2018 either by paper pledge form or on the new online giving platform; or (2) a one-time check payment via paper pledge form.

4. Are employees required to participate?

No. This annual charitable giving program is purely voluntary and a personal decision; however, one of our core values is to give back to local communities. 

5. Is the site open all year?

No. The site will be open for active pledging beginning October 26th until February 16th.

6. Can I donate to any nonprofit organization?

You may contribute to any nonprofit organization listed in the Contributors' Guide. Make sure you thoroughly look for your agency under each umbrella fund/federation in the Contributors’ Guide. If an agency is not in the Directory, please contact the agency and encourage them to become eligible under one of the umbrellas represented in the Guide, or as a donor choice agency under United Way. The agency will not be eligible for the 2017/2018 Campaign, but may be eligible to participate in the future.

7. Is there a limit on how much or how little I can pledge?

You are encouraged to pledge any amount you wish to the charity of your choice, e.g., employees can pledge as little as $2/paycheck if so desired. 

8. If I do not feel comfortable entering my information on the web, is there another way for me to make a pledge?

Yes. You can make your pledge using a paper pledge form which can be downloaded from or contact your department liaison to obtain a form and complete the form according to the instructions. Once you have decided on your pledges, return the completed form to your department liaison.

9. Who do I contact if I have a question not listed here?

If you have another question regarding your workplace giving campaign, please contact Regina Hendrix at

For questions pertaining to the online pledging system, please contact America's Charities Help Desk for assistance.

Ways to Give

10. How do I donate?

To get started, visit, and from there you will be directed to a secure, online pledging system operated by our giving partner, America’s Charities. If you need assistance, you may consult the "Giving Instructions" document under the "Need Help" tab on the navigation bar.

Or if you prefer, you can complete a pledge form and turn it into your department liaison.

11. What payment methods are accepted?

Recurring Payroll Contribution: Your gift will be deducted from your paycheck each pay period for one year, beginning with your first paycheck for January 2019.

  • Online pledges will automatically start with the first pay period in 2019.

One-time Check Donation: This payment method is not available online. Please make your check payable to “Combined Campaign,” attach the check to your pledge form, and hand in the pledge form with the attached check to your Captain.

12. How do I find charities to support?

Click "Give." After you select the dollar amount you would like to give, click "Continue" and you will arrive at the Charity Picker. On this screen, you will find a search bar where you can enter charity name, city, or state to find a charity to support.

13. How do I cancel a donation?

Pledges can only be cancelled within 48 hours of the initial gift. To cancel payroll deduction pledges made online, select the “Give” tab, select "Give Now" and click on the “Modify a Gift from This Campaign” option. A list of your payroll deduction pledges will display.  Select the gift you would like to modify and then click "Continue". On the next screen click the “Cancel and Start Over” button. If you would like to cancel a donation after 48 hours, please contact the HelpDesk at or

Payroll Deduction Benefits

14. Why should I give through payroll deduction when I can send a check directly to the nonprofit(s) of my choice?

Payroll deduction is a much more efficient, economical way for a nonprofit to process the gift. It could take more people to process individual checks from many different donors rather than this more aggregated method. Processing individual donations drives up administrative expenses for the nonprofit organization. Our funds management partner, America’s Charities, helps streamline this processing.

Additionally, it is easier to make larger contributions through payroll deduction than by check. You can give as little as $2 per pay period through payroll deduction, which most people will find easier on their budgets than writing a check for more than $100. You can give $260 to one of your favorite charities with just a $5 weekly deduction.

15. Are my contributions tax deductible?

Yes, your payroll contributions are deductible for the 2018 tax year.

16. How much of my contribution will be donated to the charity(ies) I choose?

Workplace giving is the most inexpensive method of raising money because it enables charities to reach large groups of people at the same time. The Combined Campaign reaches over 30,000 people. If each charity in the Campaign spent its own money reaching this pool of employees, umbrella organizations would spend more. Equally important, Contributors’ stretch their charitable dollar further, due to the convenience of payroll deduction, rather than making  a one-time gift. Last year, 88% of all City employees who made a donation to the Campaign chose payroll deduction. 100% of your donation is forwarded to Campaign Participating Organizations. Participating Organizations pay the cost of running the Campaign. This year’s costs are approximately 15%.


17. What if I can’t afford to give enough to make a difference?

Thousands of employees across the country feel the same, but the majority of giving in the U.S. (approximately 72%) is a result of generous individuals like you.   If 1,000 employees across the country each donate $2 per pay period ($52 total), that equates to as much as $52,000 in nonprofit support that your gift helps make possible.

No gift is too small. Each gift goes a long way to help many organizations and the community. A $2 contribution each pay period can pay for a grocery delivery organization to provide food to a homebound senior biweekly for three months, often at a critical time such as during illness or recovery from an injury. For $25 per pay period, one nonprofit listed in the campaign is able to provide the basic furnishings a formerly homeless family needs to move from a transitional shelter to permanent housing. In some cases, this means children in the family may have their own beds for the first time. So even small amounts add up, along with others from your co-workers and the broader community.

Matching Gifts

18. Does the City of Philadelphia Combined Campaign provide a matching contribution to charities?


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