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Shining a Spotlight on the Campaign's Charities

The 2021 Philadelphia Combined Campaign is entirely virtual, which means we aren’t hosting in-person charity fairs. Instead, we shine a spotlight on the Combined Campaign's causes that help to improve our world in myriad ways.

Introducing our new Featured Cause Center, which highlights causes in which Philly's donors have expressed an interest: COVID-19, racial justice and equity, education and education disparity, as well as those offering virtual volunteer opportunities. In the "How Far Do Your Dollars Go?" section, we offer an infographic that depicts the huge impact that certain donation amounts have - even as low as $2 a paycheck. 

We mean it when we say a donation of any amount helps; every penny makes a difference. 

Please note: the charities featured here are but a handful of the full 300+ that participate in the Combined Campaign. Also, most charities address more than one cause. We encourage you to check out the Contributors' Guide for the comprehensive list of charities you can support through the Philly Combined Campaign.

Ready to give? Head back to the homepage and click “Give Now” to get started.

If you are a charity and would like to see your organization included in one of these featured lists, please contact Becky Marx at bmarx@charities.org

Make the Philly Combined Campaign Your #GivingTuesday Donation Destination December 1

#GivingTuesday is December 1, and a donation of any amount to any charity participating in the Philly Combined Campaign means you are not just part of the global giving movement -- you could also win a signed Fletcher Cox Eagles Jersey! Learn more.

Charities Responding to COVID-19

Click here for the list of charities that are responding to COVID-19, also known as coronavirus, relief and recovery efforts.

Charities Focusing on Racial Justice and Equity

Click here for a list of charities whose missions, programs, or services focus on racial justice and equity.

Charities Focusing on Education and Education Disparity

Click here for a list of charities that focus on education and specifically closing the education disparity gap. 

Charities Offering Volunteering Opportunities

Click here to view charities offering virtual volunteer opportunities. Visit their websites for additional information. 

How Far Do Your Dollars Go?

We asked our participating charities what they do with the funding they recieve with the Combined Campaign, and what they can do with a $5, $10, $20, and $50 donation per pay period, and created an infographic of their responses. Click here to view the infographic.  

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